Star Wars Sugar Skull Block Geek Smart Handkerchief


Shipping to United States: $3.00


Come to the Dark Side we have sugar skull candy!!! This is very rare fabric. I will do my best to keep it in stock.

10x10 Poly-Cotten Blend

Perfect for your galactic everyday carry.

Just like Dr. Frankenstein brought life to the creature, the mad scientist here at Hankensteins have added life to the handkerchief! Each handkerchief includes a washable and heat resistant (washer and dryer safe) NFC token under the Hankensteins label. This token has been programed to interact with any NFC enabled phone. If you have an Android phone simply enable NFC and place your phone on the label. If you have an iPhone with NFC (iPhone 7 or greater with iOS 11) download the free app NfcIdeas.

The NFC token will link your hank to a special website or video (some may include special deals or coupons  ). Each Hankensteins handkerchief is different so be sure to check each one to see what surprises are in store! These tokens have been left open so you can easily reprogram your own. There are several YouTube videos and we tutorials available that can walk you through the process.

If you don’t have a smartphone then no worries these NFC tags will not take away from just having an awesome hank!

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Awesome Hanks!! Beautifully made!!

As normal another amazing hank. Its why I always come back

Excellent quality and stitching. Fast shipping and feedback. Recommend highly!!!!!